The Mystery of the Lost Documents


One day while watching news on the television I saw some news about lost
documents.The brodcasters had given some images of the documents and its owner.I immediately called all my friends and said that we have to solve this case.

A few days later we went to a club called La Lora.It was a ‘Off Track Betting Centre’.We first ordered some food and then started talking on some general topic.
Besides a old man and the club staff we were the only people there.The steward there was a
very intelligent man.He was quite business-minded as while talking he continously tried to
publicize his club.The old man prior to us ordered a round of drinks for two people.We noticed
that was quite strange.After a while a man entered the club and locked the door from inside.
After that he talked something with the old man in low voices,had the drinks ordered for the second person,whispered something in the steward’s ear and gave him 100 dollars as a tip.
All this while we were having our food.We observed keenly that the stranger exchanged
some documents with the old man for a bag.After having food my friend decided to bet on
a old horse.Immediately the old man betted against my friend.After a round of arguement
the race began.While the race was on I saw that the old man dropped the documents
exchanged,so I immediately clicked some images of it.My friend lost the bet and another round of arguement began.After everything subsided my friend told me that there is something wrong with the old man.I went to talk to the steward about the old man.He
told me that his name was Jonathan Smith and he was a registered member of La Lora.He also told me that he didn’t leave the club since a month.We analyzed Smith’s behavior and went out of the club.
The next day we went to John Terry,an analyzation expert who made
out a person’s nature by knowing his behavior.He was my close friend and given 100%
output of every case.I saw that the man standing in the que behind was the same guy who
exchanged the documents with Smith.John was too busy so he told us to wait in his cabin.
In the lunch break we talked about the stranger and his relation with Smith.His name was
Ian Bell.John got confused with the case and asked for more time.We left promising to give
him more analyzation tips.

We straight away went to La Lora to talk to the steward but this time we
talked in a rude tone.He did not tell anything clearly so we straight away talked to Smith but
in a polite manner.He was extremely rude but in a smart manner.He was player of words.By
mistake he intangled his speech and gave out a secret address which could play a vital role
in finding the documents.We decided to go to the address the next day.After going home
I matched the images of the documents on the television and the one clicked by me and was not suprised to see that they were the same.Whole of the next day was invested in finding
the address.We were only succesful to find the address when we went to the telephone
office.The place was in a old shabby area of Pune.The building was inhabited with
‘Off Track Betters'(OTBs).The name of the building was ‘Bet World’.One of the neighbours
had the key,so we borrowed the key telling that we were relatives of Mr.Jonathan Smith.The
neighbour claimed us cheats and said that the flat owner’s name was Mr.Jason and not
Jonathan.We cheered up with glee and got to the police custody and arranged for an advertisment in the next day’s ‘Times of India’ saying ‘Jason Smith Wanted’.

After a few days. a stranger got Jason Smith(the old man) with the lost documents and without saying a word he quited writing his address on a chit of paper.We checked the documents which had the name of the owner which was ‘Mr.Jonathan Smith’.This extremely confused us and we thought we caught the wrong man.We went to the stranger’s house and told him our confusion.After listening this he took us to the custody in a hurry and told the police inspector that he wanted to talk to the criminal.He shouted in anger that Jason was was his brother who wanted his property so changed his name to ‘Jonathan Smith’ making a criminal activity of false personality.He also told that
the documents were a proof that Mr.Jonathan Smith(him) owned a property worth rupees 1 million.

Thus the mystery of the lost documents was solved and thanks to Mr.Jason’s neighbour
who told us his real name.


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